Leather Care Information


  • Leather is a completely natural product and no other material shares its distinctive properties.
  • Nothing breathes or stretches as it does.
  • Nothing offers such durability or strength.
  • Nothing but leather has beauty and texture which improves with age.


Each hide used in the manufacture of your leather furniture will have its own variations in grain and shading and distinctive markings and blemishes. These are never detrimental to the wearing properties. Leather can quite literally last you a lifetime, and will over the years, like a fine wine, improve with age.

Its appearance will change to reflect your lifestyle with subtle shading, creasing and stretching occurring to enhance the leather’s natural beauty. Leather is very resilient and durable and whilst other upholstery is deteriorating, leather becomes increasingly attractive to the connoisseur.



Genuine leather is a natural product and as such will bear the evidence of its own unique history. Natural markings in the leather such as scars, wrinkles, irregularities in the grain, insect bites and other marks such as veins, are features which clearly demonstrate the originality of each hide. None of these natural characteristics can be defects and none are detrimental to the wearing properties of the leather.

It is normal for certain areas of leather, such as seat cushions and arms, to show signs of creasing and stretching during use, adapting its appearance to reflect you and your lifestyle. Again, these are natural characteristics and are not detrimental to the wearing of the leather.

Leather requires very little care, particularly corrected grain leathers (Category 1). However, lighter coloured leathers can be permanently stained by continuous contact with non-colourfast clothing, such as denim. This is a natural characteristic of non-colourfast clothing and cannot be considered as performance deficiency of the leather. It is also important to clean lighter shades of leather more often to avoid the build up of harmful soiling.


The following illustrations show examples of natural marks and characteristics of leather. None of these are detrimental to the wearing properties of the leather. Indeed, these characteristics are considered to enhance its appearance, and give leather its proof of authenticity.

Coil Sprung Range Upholstery Construction & Materials

Traditional Eight Knot Hand Tied Coil Sprung Base

  • Superior quality frame constructed of Chinese hardwood
  • Plywood cladding is used for additional durability
  • Seats have insulated Coil Springs which are individually 8-way hand tied into the upholstery frame for maximum support and comfort
  • Strong elastic webbing is used to support luxurious ployester filled back cushions to ensure maximum comfort
  • Seats are constructed of foam and polyester fibre. The foam directly contacting the coil springs is of a high density foam. An additional softer foam layer is then used and finished with a polyester fibre top for maximum durability and comfort